London's Lights Left On

THE LONDON Assembly’s Environment Committee is starting an investigation into why lights are left on in London’s workplaces and shops and what can be done about it.

Leaving lights on in empty or near empty buildings all through the night has an environmental and financial impact raising the question as to why do so many of London’s shops and offices leave the lights on all night?

Estimates that lighting up the capital’s workplaces accounts for around eight percent of the city’s carbon emissions, about 3.52 million tons a year. 

The UK’s Carbon Trust also estimates that bills for lighting could be cut by 15 percent by using lights only when and where they are genuinely required.

The London Assembly’s Environment Committee is to hold discussions with the city’s business and public sectors the search for reasons as to why lights are left on and what can be done to promote energy-efficiency policies.

The committee will also look at the potential advantages and disadvantages for different businesses of turning off their lights overnight.

As well as gathering written views and information, the Committee will hold a public meeting next month leading to publishing a report in early 2011.

Picture by Christine Matthews

Friday 12th November 2010

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