London Takes The Lead In Energy Saving Measures

Public buildings will be receiving help to reduce their energy consumption and costs through a major expansion of a UK climate change program, according to London's Mayor, Boris Johnson.

The Mayor made his announcement following his recent visit to a London fire station in Ilford, which was one of 42 buildings to have been granted a Green makeover earlier this year, enabling it to reduce its CO2 emissions by a staggering 40%.

London, supported by the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI), is the world's first city to have initialised a framework of approved energy service businesses, thus creating a financial model to allow public sector organisations to upgrade their buildings' equipment and appliances with energy efficient systems.

An estimated £500 million could be saved on energy bills, should this financial model be adopted by all the public sector buildings in London, and the scheme can be replicated across the UK, thereby multiplying the saving opportunities.

Mr Johnson made a convincing statement in the favor of energy efficient implementations in public buildings:

"As expectant eyes around the globe turn to Copenhagen to see whether world leaders will take action on climate change, here in London we are making a difference right now.

"Cutting energy consumption in public buildings may not sound glamorous, but it could help us save the world from the threat of
irreversible climate change. With a third of carbon emissions coming from our buildings, giving them a green makeover, is supremely good
for the planet and for the public purse.

"We have tested it on our own fire stations, police stations and transport for London buildings, so we know it delivers the goods in
cutting carbon but also in making substantial cost savings and stimulating the demand for low carbon skills and technologies."

Friday 4th December 2009

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