Londoners Could Save Big by Cutting Shower Time

Londoners could save £60 million off their annual energy bills by reducing shower time by a minute.

If people in London reduced the time spent in the shower they could also reduce their water use by nearly 3,000 litres per year. By using water and energy-saving freebies and following simple advice, a family of four could save up to £180 on annual bills, as less energy would be used to heat the water needed for showers.

Across the city’s 8.6m residents, it could mount up to a saving of £60m a year as reducing shower times by one minute could save each resident £7 on annual energy bills.

Andrew Tucker, water efficiency manager at Thames Water, said: “I can’t think of an easier way for people to save water, energy and money. Who doesn’t wish they could spend longer in bed in the morning?

“London and the south east is classed as seriously water-stressed by the Environment Agency, so we all need to do everything we can to use less water.

“An extra minute in bed, a saving on your energy bill and a boost to the local environment and wildlife – that sounds like a winner to me.”

Freebies such as a handy four-minute shower timer and water-saving showerhead, make it simple to save water, energy and money on bills. A new online calculator can also help customers work out how much water and energy they use at home and how much money they could save.

Around 15% of the average household’s energy bill is made up of energy used to heat hot water in the home.

“It is really important that people understand that using less water in the home is a double win for them and the environment, as they also use less energy,” said Tucker.

Picture of shower by Steven Depolo reproduced under CCL.

Monday 2nd November 2015

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