Municipality Borrow $3.7M for Energy Efficiency Upgrades

THE City of Methuen in Massachusetts will borrow $3.7 million to invest in energy efficiency improvements for municipal and school buildings.

The Eagle-Tribune reports that all the costs associated with the energy efficiency upgrades will be met through future energy savings over the next 15 years, estimated to be about $300,000 annually.

The upgrades will include improving lighting systems and installing energy management systems at Methuen City Hall, a water treatment plant, a fire station and all four of the city’s grammar schools.

“These are things, you look long-term, that have to be done,” Mayor Zanni said this week.

The action by the council is reflected in many municipalities across the US and globally - as they see the economic sense of improving energy efficiency, even by borrowing to do so.

Picture of Methuen City Hall by EraserGirl at en.wikipedia(Original text : EraserGirl (talk)) [CC-BY-2.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Wednesday 7th August 2013

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