NEMEX Exhibition a Success

THE NEMEX exhibition in the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England, was held over three days this week, with many in the energy saving industry gathering to share their experience and display their innovations.

From smart meters and load-side products through to leading edge innovations in real-time energy monitoring or just good sound advice were available to visitors.

Many seminars and conferences were held allowing the sharing of information and knowledge between those within the industry and the many visitors who are looking for sound energy efficiency solutions.

On Thursday, the final day of the event, many of the UKs local authorities were in attendance to gather information as they push to become evermore energy efficient.

Universities from across Britain also attended during the week, sharing technical points from their research departments but primarily checking what they can do to reduce their rising energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

The only negative for the exhibition was a lower than expected numbers of foreign visitors due to the Icelandic volcanic ash restricting all flights to the UK.

The show was an overall success with many happy exhibitors departing with smiles on their faces as they look forward to a profitable and busy year ahead.

Friday 23rd April 2010

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