New Book on Energy Efficiency to Educate

ENERGY efficiency is now a part of life, everyday we are likely to have contact with energy efficiency devices or concepts - yet how many people think beyond the obvious. Further education is needed, so an announcement of a new book to be penned on Energy Efficiency is worthy of note.

Assistant professor in the University of Southern Maine's Department of Environmental Science and Policy, Daniel Martinez with co-author the book with Ben Ebenhack, associate proffessor at the University of Wyoming's Department of Petroleum Engineering & Geology. They also co-authored 'The Path to More Sustainable Energy Systems' (Momentum Press), in 2013, and the following year the 'Valuing Energy Systems' (Momentum Press).

Major science and engineering publisher Elsevier has tasked the two to co-write the book on energy efficiency, which is slated to be released next year.

Martinez in talking about the planned book said: “We believe energy efficiency merits deeper understanding within the 21st century energy zeitgeist. We often get so focused on renewable energy systems like solar and wind in a transition away from fossil energy, we forget the equivalent or greater potential of reducing our demand for traditional energy by using better technologies and practices. 

“The aim of the book is to provide and applied description and calculations of energy intensity and efficiency in modern economies in order to explain how best to manage energy demand to reduce fossil energy use and to better accommodate renewable energy sources.”

Books, websites, video or anything at all that educates people in all layers of scoiety about energy saving and efficiency is welcome - watch out for this one.

Friday 16th September 2016

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