New Energy Efficiency Standards for UK Buildings

THE UK Government announce new energy efficiency standards for non-domestic buildings which promises to cut fuel bills for large businesses by about £60k, compared to build standards before 2010.

The measures will come into force in April 2014 meaning non-domestic buildings will have to include energy saving features such as energy efficient lighting systems.

The toughened up measures announced yesterday in Parliament - “Part L of the Building Regulations” - following consultation, mean a 9% cut for non-domestic buildings.

The small increase in construction costs will be heavily outweighed by subsequent energy savings, meaning today’s measures will create substantial savings for businesses over the average lifetime of the new features.

Buildings account for around half the UK’s carbon emissions and cutting these is a significant part of the government’s commitment to tackle climate change.

Owners of existing non-domestic buildings can benefit from the UK’s Green Deal, allowing them to install energy saving technology with government financial support, repaid through a small levy on the resultant reduced energy bills.

Picture of the Palace of Westminster by Mgimelfarb (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Wednesday 31st July 2013

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