NSW Businesses save $70M through Energy Efficiency Programme

NEW South Wales' (NSW) small to medium-sized businesses are benefitting from the Australian Government's energy-efficiency programmes, saving AUS$70 million in energy costs.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that new data reveals that these combined savings in the State have been achieved for around AUS$8 million worth of Government subsidy over the past two years.

The Herald reports that over the past year across NSW, 247 Butchers have on averaged saved around AUS$1,240 a year on energy costs; 2,393 Cafes and Restaurants have improved their energy performance, leading to average annual savings of AUS$1,362 a year. A Winery in the Hunter Valley, cut its energy use via energy efficiency improvements by three-quarters, saving AUS$110,000 a year..

NSW Environment Minister, Robyn Parker, told the Herald: ''In terms of environmental benefits, it reduces costs for business, it reduces demand for electricity, it reduces carbon emissions.

''We're working towards targets [for energy efficiency] and we hope that we will have those available as part of a broader state plan within a few months,'' Ms Parker added.

The Herald reckons that in NSW there are around 20,000 businesses classified as medium-sized energy users and the Australian Government has promised to provide energy-efficiency subsidies to 5 percent of them over the next five years.

Rob Murray-Leach, Chief Executive of the Energy Efficiency Council, a national industry body, told the Herald a lot more could be done: ''NSW's energy-efficiency programs are already helping businesses save over $56 million a year, but we haven't even started to scratch the surface."

''Energy efficiency could save the economy over AUS$5 billion a year … These programmes show that people who claim the carbon price will damage the economy are talking pure rubbish.''

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Tuesday 19th July 2011

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