Pakistan Increases Energy Efficiency Actions

PAKISTAN is again looking to introduce a shorter working week in government departments and a staggered weekly holiday for industry in an effort to reduce energy demand.

A special cabinet meeting is to be held on Wednesday and is set to approve energy conservation measures, including a two-day holiday during a work week for all government departments and affiliated institutions plus the staggering of weekly holidays in the industrial sector.

The cabinet meeting is also expected to approve energy efficiency and conservation measures to tackle Pakistan’s power deficit, that has risen to 6,000 MW during peak periods.

According to the summary about the energy efficiency and conservation code, the demand for electricity has increased by 21 percent over the 12 months, up to a peak of 18,500 MW in June this year, but the current available maximum electricity output is 14,500 MW.

Part of the energy efficiency measures will include a general change to lighting requirements from bill boards to marriage parlours.

Picture by Faisal Mosque and hazy Islamabad skyline by GeoAxis reproduced under CCL.

Wednesday 12th October 2011

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