Petrol station 'making a difference' with green measures

The owner of a filling station in Illinois has revealed how a new energy-saving project is cutting his utility bills and reducing his carbon footprint.

David Welch told the Chicago Tribune that his electricity and water bills have fallen by about 20 per cent since he rolled out a number of energy-saving measures at the Citgo petrol station in Deerfield.

As well replacing old light fixtures with energy-efficient bulbs, Mr Welch has installed motion sensors to prevent wastage from lights and water faucets.

His soft drink vending machine is now fitted with a timer to save electricity, while a new heating control regulates after-hours temperatures at the station.

"There's nothing I can do about the environmental impact of the gas I sell," Mr Welch told the newspaper.

"With the other things in and around my business, I'm going above and beyond to try to make a difference."

The Journal Sentinel recently reported on a new voluntary green certification initiative that is helping grocery store owners in Wisconsin to make savings by reducing their heating, cooling and lighting expenses.

Published by Lisa Burke

Friday 23rd October 2009

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