£5M Funding for Clean Heat for Bristol

BRISTOL, in the UK, are setting out on a multi-decade major infrastructure project to build a heat network across the city.

The city’s Mayor, Marvin Rees, has approved the allocation of £5 million of capital funding to the scheme. The new infrastructure will be a cornerstone of the city’s journey to becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

The heat network will supply low carbon heat to buildings across Bristol through a network of underground pipes connected to a number of energy centres including biomass boilers and gas combined heat and power (CHP) plants. Although the CHP plants will initially run on gas, the capture of waste heat to heat water and buildings results in a more efficient use of the fuel and lower carbon emissions.

As the city moves to carbon neutrality over time, low carbon transition technologies like gas CHP will be replaced by renewable alternatives, further reducing carbon emissions, increasing the city’s resilience to fluctuating energy prices and reducing our reliance on gas.

This is the first major low carbon energy project to be approved by the new Mayor, continuing Bristol on its path to being carbon neutral and to run on 100% renewables by 2050.

Soyrce: Bristol Council.

Friday 10th June 2016

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