Qatar Could be Centre for Energy Efficiency

ARAB Emirate State of Qatar could become a centre of energy efficiency and be a part of the solution to global warming, according to the first Doha Carbon Energy Forum.

The thre-day forum called for greater global attention to energy efficiency, alternative energy and carbon capture and storage. The forum was also informed that the Qatar National Development Strategy, which is expected to be released over the next few months, will focus on environmental development, which is a core pillar of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

“We have a real opportunity here - an opportunity to become a centre of energy efficiency….Qatar can become a learning base not just for the region but for the entire world,” Dr Mark Weichold, programme co-chair, dean and CEO of Texas A&M University at Qatar, said yesterday while winding up the forum.

International and national experts discussed the challenges of increased energy use, finite energy reserves and the impact of greenhouse gases (GHG).

“Qatar can be a perfect pilot as a platform for technology that has been developed elsewhere,” Weichold added.

Weichold said the world must respond to the threat of global warning and “as a country, Qatar wants to be part of the solution.”

The Qatar National Vision 2030 aims to transform the country, defining the long-term outcomes for the country and providing the framework within which national strategies and implementation plans could be developed, he said.

Qatar has the opportunity to improve industry practice globally through sharing its experience from the best practices already at work in the country, Weichold said, adding “we must strive to build transferable knowledge from all existing projects.”

He said efforts should be made to build public appreciation for the importance of energy efficiency as a concept of sustainability encompassed all aspects of society.

“Building a constituency that wants to see energy efficiency actually happen is critical to our success,” Weichold concluded.

Picture from World 66

Thursday 11th November 2010

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