Queen's Speech Reveal's the UK's New Governments Energy Efficiency Aims

THE Queens Speech yesterday outlines new laws are to be introduced to improve energy efficiency in UK businesses and homes, to promote low carbon emission energy and to secure the country’s energy supply.

The Queen's Speech also highlighted that the UK Government would seek global collaboration in combating climate change, particularly at the climate change conference in Mexico later in the year.

The Queen’s speech, which always follows the State Opening of Parliament and outlines the Governments plans for coming year, primarily dealt with the current financial situation, with the Queen stating: "The first priority is to reduce the deficit and restore economic growth."

This latest speech comes after the UK’s new coalition government was formed between the Conservative and Liberals parties, ousting the long standing Labour Government.

The newly appointed Energy Secretary, Chris Huhne, said:

"The Queen's Speech and last week's programme of government make clear that energy security and taking real action to tackle climate change aren't add on extras for this new government, but are vital to our national interest.

"The Energy Bill is designed to help consumers put a stop to wasting energy in their homes through a green deal while making sure our energy system is fit for the 21st century."

It is anticipated that the Energy Bill will see the setting up of a “Green Deal” to deliver energy efficiency to businesses and homes across the UK.


Picture by Steve Punter

Tuesday 25th May 2010

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