Real-Time Energy Calculator For Your Home

REAL time energy monitoring is probably the best method of keeping tabs on your energy consumption, with some excellent, highly sophisticated devices enabling businesses and organisation's to see what energy they are using as they consume it.

The technology is excellent, but beyond the reach and needs of households. To help you see what you maybe spending if you live in the UK, price comparison website GoCompare have an excellent Real-time Electricity Calculator for home owners to use.

If you go compare it with the commercial real-time energy monitoring solution, well there is no comparison. The top of the pile monitors are connected to the circuit of in a facility or part of a facility, providing granular energy consumption data. The GoCompare calculator is just a calculator based on assumption about the devices and appliances in you home - but it is still useful.

The calculator asks you to input information on the what is using electricity at any given moment in you house, whether lights through to tumble dryers or televisions and irons. It then calculates what energy you are burning. Researchers at GoCompare discovered the average wattage and hourly cost for each appliance and fed these into the calculator to deliver your estimated energy costs second by second.

So it could be wildly out - but it does highlight to the consumer what they have switched on, maybe unnecessarily, and what it could be costing. This will make people consider what they are using, what it is costing and hopefully make them more energy, and money, saving conscious.

Friday 19th August 2016

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