Rio+20 Focus on Future but Claims of Failure on Sustainability

THE Rio+20 Conference produced 100 commitments and actions for sustainable energy but environmental groups have still dubbed it a failure.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said at the end of the conference: “Sustainable Energy for All provides a powerful model for the future. This initiative is already mobilizing significant action from all sectors of society. Working together, we can provide solutions that drive economic growth, expand equity and reduce the risks of climate change,” he said.

Rio+20 also set a plan in place for future worldwide sustainable development entitled: “The Future We Want”, calling for sustainable development goals, financing and a green economy to achieve the development targets.

These and many other points were positive outcomes but Friends of the Earth director of Policy and Campaigns, Craig Bennett, criticised the Conference for falling short on the real issues: “World leaders in Rio have responded to the tide of global destruction that’s fast approaching by sticking their heads firmly in the sand.

“These talks have been completely undermined by a dangerous lack of ambition, urgency and political will – and weak politicians too afraid to push for anything tougher.

"World leaders are understandably concerned about the broken economy – but until they stop treating it separately from our social and environmental problems it will never be fixed,” he said.

Picture of Ban Ki-moon from UN Photo/Mark Garten

Wednesday 27th June 2012

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