School District to get $1.64m Energy Efficiency Grant

THE California State West Contra Costa school district is to receive $1.64 million anually for five years from a state grant to improve energy efficiency across its schools.

The money will be used for energy saving projects in schools that are due for rebuilding, remodeling or repair.

Using California’s Proposition 39, which requires businesses that operate in several states to pay their income tax based on sales made in California, will raise around $1.1 billion anually and is being used to fund projects such as this to many other school districts.

According to the state Department of Finance the program is set to distribute $467 million to California K-12 schools, community colleges and energy conservation assistance programs over 2013-14.

It will also have $550 million to distribute statewide from 2014-15 through 2017-18, with 89 percent going to K-12 education, including school districts, county offices of education, charter schools and state special schools.

Much of this funding is to be used on such energy efficiency programs.

Pictures of Hercules Middle/High School by mzzyzx ( [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Thursday 18th July 2013

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