Scottish SMEs Could Save £19k Annually With Improved Energy Efficiency

SCOTTISH SMEs could add, on average, £19,000 annually to their bottom line by improving energy efficiency according to a new report from Zero Waste Scotland.

To aid SMEs to cut waste the Scottish Government are also offering interest free loans of up to £100k to install energy efficiency technology and implement energy saving measures to reduce energy consumption. It could be as suimple as installing LED lighting or more intense measure, such as energy management systems.

On top of the financial assistance businesses can also receive their own Resource Efficient Scotland expert advisor to help them take each step of their energy efficiency project.

Zero Waste Scotland Chief Executive, Iain Gulland, said: “Businesses from a wide range of sectors have already benefitted from SME Loan funding and we want to see even more taking up this fantastic opportunity. We look forward to working with small and medium-sized businesses with big ambitions for reducing their carbon footprint.”

Source: Zero Waste Scotland - Picture: Glasgow.

Monday 5th December 2016

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