Siemens & Vigilent Partner to Target Data Centre Energy Efficiency

ENERGY efficiency giant Siemens have teamed up with cooling management firm Vigilent in setting up a reseller partnership across North America to provide thermal optimisation solution for data centres.

The solution purports to be a comprehensive and unique thermal optimisation solution addressing data centre cooling challenges across a facility’s white space, that is the usable space allocated for the IT equipment, and chilled water plant. The purpose is to help data centre and IT managers address the heating challenges coming from shifting IT loads, uneven server densities, and changes in facility configuration.

Using Siemens’ Demand Flow solution teamed with Vigilent’s Dynamic Cooling Management System, data centres and IT officials can reduce energy consumption significantly and improve power usage effectiveness.

Siemens’ Demand Flow solution optimises chilled water plants, reducing their energy consumption by up to 50%, while Vigilent’s Dynamic Cooling Management System matches cooling to IT load at critical spots in the white space, also significantly reducing the energy consumption of cooling units. Vigilent’s innovations thus decreases demand on chilled water plants, allowing Siemens’ Demand Flow solution to further reduce energy, leading to maximum energy savings.

A data centre’s traditional cooling system will struggle to deal with the unique cooling complexities demanded, resulting in increased risk, reduced efficiency and wasted capacity. The combined Siemens and Vigilent offering, in contrast, uses powerful software to resolve complex problems and optimise facilities in real time.

Dave Hudson, Chief Executive Officer of Vigilent, explained, “As much as 40% of data center cooling capacity is under utilised because IT organisations haven’t had all the tools they need to fully understand and optimise cooling systems.

“Changes in IT load and facility configuration make cooling extremely challenging to manage. Together with Siemens, we can meet this challenge while providing an attractive and easy-to-measure ROI to our customers.”

Expert energy efficiency companies, such as Siemens’ and Vigilent, teaming up together to meet unique challenges is certainly the way forward for all forms of energy efficiency improvement, and should be applauded.

Source: Vigilent.

Monday 14th November 2016

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