Smart Meters Essential For UK CO2 Cuts

A National Grid executive has declared that England definitely needs smart meters. Making consumers aware of how much they are using and what it's costing them will encourage a reduction in energy consumption and help the UK reach its ambitious carbon emission reduction target by 2050 in a cost-effective way.

The UK aims to cut its emissions by 80% below 1990 levels and the cost of achieving this could potentially be doubled, should there be no decrease in energy consumption, according to Chris Bennett, a Future Transmission Network Manager.

He further stated: "The cheapest way to meet the 2050 target of 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is tackling the consumption side of the equation first," he continued “If we do nothing to reduce people's demand and still try to hit the 2050 target, some of the calculations we've done show it would double the cost. Step one is definitely reducing overall energy consumption."

The way to smart meters, considered essential for a low-carbon economy, is currently being paved as the UK government announced last week that all households would have to be equipped with smart meters by 2020.

Smart meters give consumers real-time information about energy usage and allow energy suppliers to introduce lower tariffs for times of day when demand is low.

Furthermore, combining smart meters with energy saving solutions enhances savings in both energy and cost, giving businesses the opportunity to retain more income, comply with new carbon reduction legislation and benefit from promoting their green credentials.


Monday 14th December 2009

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