SMEs Missing Out on Energy Savings

SMALL and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are missing out on ‘quick win’ energy savings as employees are ‘passing the buck’ when they could take energy efficiency actions and decisions according to research from utility E.ON.

Greenwise Business
reports that the study on workplace habits discovered that one in 10 employees at SMEs recognised workplace energy efficiency as their role, believing it is someone else's role, with many junior executives leaving it to the office manager, while many office managers felt it is the job of the owner or more senior managers.

Just 22 per cent of owners or chief executives accepted it was their role to ensure the office was energy efficient, with 24 per cent admitting they rarely think about energy efficiency.

Company chief executives were the least active in communicating about energy efficiency, with 51 percent never talking to staff about the issue, according to the study. This would also explain why 57 per cent of staff have been given a clear company guideline about energy efficiency. 

Iain Walker, Head of Business Sales at E.ON, said about the studies conclusions: "I was quite surprised that the overall number of people taking personal responsibility for saving energy, and for passing on help to colleagues, is still relatively low. I think responsibility for reducing waste should start at the top, with bosses and senior managers passing the message to all employees."

The study by E.ON, which draws on a survey in July of 2,000 professionals at UK SMEs, follows earlier research by the energy company suggesting energy inefficiency is costing UK SMEs a whopping £7.7 billion a year.

Businesses have already been warned to expect double digit price rises in energy bills over the next three years, by energy adviser the Carbon Trust, with power company SSE in the last few days warning that it will be raising energy prices by nine per cent, with others expected to soon follow.

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Wednesday 5th September 2012

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