Sri Lankan Hotel Group Certified for Energy Efficiency

THE Heritance Hotel group in Sri Lanka has set the lead to many other resorts in the region after being awarded ISO 5001 certification for energy efficiency.

ISO 5001 states the requirements for energy efficiency, including implementing and maintaining an energy management system, which allows a systematic approach to improve energy performance, including energy efficiency, energy security, energy use and consumption. 5001 aims to help organizations to continue to reduce their energy use, energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Heritance Hotels have already made a name for themselves in sustainable tourism, having already implemented various energy efficiency initiatives using energy saving technology at each resort.

Malin Hapugoda, Managing Director, Aitken Spence Hotels, who run Heritance Hotels, said: "Sustainable tourism is about re-focusing and adapting. A balance must be found between limits and usage so that continuous changing, monitoring and planning ensure that tourism can be managed.

“This requires thinking long-term and realising that change is often cumulative, gradual and irreversible. Having identified the growing need to ensure sustainable tourism, Aitken Spence Hotels, will continue our pioneering efforts in this field.

“Our continuous dedication in implementing initiatives that promote sustainable practices has enabled Heritance to achieve global recognition such as the ISO 50001, for its efforts. "

With Sri Lanka suffering from spiraling energy cost and shortage of energy supply, energy efficiency will bring the group significant savings in energy use and costs and drive the company towards greater productivity, enabling the hotels to be competitive while reducing its dependence on the uncertain national energy supply.

Picture of Sri Lanka - Kandy Temple of the Tooth by McKay Savage reproduced under CCL.

Wednesday 3rd July 2013

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