Supermarket Set Green Commercial Loan Lead

UK supermarket giant Sainsbury’s has obtained a £200M green loan from Lloyds and Rabobank to fund their numerous sustainability programs, which the firm calling a breakthrough in commercial loans.

The commercial loan is the first to be officially classified "green" loan taken out by a British blue chip company, which will provide credibility for this sort of loan across the corporate market. The loan will be independently assessed by sustainability experts, known as Sustainalytics.

Sainsbury’s say that the loan will be used to improve energy efficiency and for the installation of clean-energy systems at its stores, along with their current sustainability programs.

Sainsbury’s add the loan was developed in conjunction with the independent Green Bond Principles, which guarantee that green investment products deliver the promised environmental benefits.

Picture of Sainsbury's supermarket, Greenwich by Stacey Harris - reproduced under CCL.

Monday 21st July 2014

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