Taipei's Campaign Targets Heavy Energy Users

THE Taipei city government revealed yesterday that it is starting an energy-saving campaign in July aimed at the heavier power users, such as hotels, office buildings and department stores, who will be requested to maintain an indoor temperature no lower than 26 degrees Celsius.

Hau Lung-bin, the city mayor, stated that Taipei is to be the first Taiwanese municipality to take action on energy-saving and CO2 emission reduction.

This initiative sees the start of a six-month programme which will lead to formal energy-saving inspections across the city from January 2011.

Hau revealed at a press-conference regarding the campaign that initially the focus will be on the 500 heaviest consumers, who have an average electricity consumption costing more than US$9344 per month.

The mayor revealed that these heavy consumers represent 38 percent of the Taipei's total power consumption.adding: "Just 1 percent of the energy saved by those heavy users would be equal to the combined one-year power consumption of 7,000 families.”

Taipei’s government set the example in energy-saving four years ago when they instigated energy efficiency measures within their own facilities, including keeping temperatures in City Hall no lower than 26 degrees and changing to energy efficient lighting, leading to savings of around 8 percent within three years.

Picture by daymin

Wednesday 30th June 2010

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