Taiwan Council to Create Green Jobs

THE Taiwanese Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD) revealed yesterday one or two projects are in their plans for this year that will help create green jobs.

CEPD is Taiwan’s top economic planning agency and this latest scheme is driven by 2010 being the year of energy conservation and CO2 emission reductions plus being the year for creating jobs.

The nation's top economic planning agency said its initiative is based on 2010 being Taiwan’s year of energy conservation and carbon dioxide emission cuts, and the year of creating more jobs.

CEPD stated: "To combine the two major policies, the council is mulling one or two model projects in a bid to create many job opportunities."

CEPD have been studying the strategies used by Europe and the U.S. in turning the jobless into "green-collar workers," workers employed in the environmental sectors such as the energy saving and the sustainability business.

The CEPD further stated that they are firming up the methods they will use to develop, amongst others, green energy and green building for one or two projects, while encouraging the participation of the private sector.

CEPD official Cheng Chia-chin said: "We hope to prioritise the promotion of those projects that will lure the private sector to take part and invest."

Picture of Taipei by daymin

Tuesday 22nd June 2010

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