Technology Delivers Energy Use Drop for UK

THE UK economy us growing and yet energy use is on the slide - a situation that is generally unheard of, the two normally rise together. So what’s the difference?

BBC News report the link between increasing wealth and increased energy use has been broken by a combination of technology and governmental policy.

The analysis of government statistics by the broadcaster reveals that the average person in the UK uses 10% electricity that they did five years ago. This is in the face of increasing ownership of technology in the shape of large TVs, smart devices and computers.

Trade association AMEDA report that energy saving standards set across the EU has driven down the energy demand of many household appliances and gadgets - so an energy A-rated fridge-freezer uses almost three quarters less electricity than its equivalent made 20 years ago. LED lighting improve the quality of lighting, last a lot longer, and drastically reduce energy demand.

Other policies and pressure from government to reduce energy consumption is driving a drop in energy intensity beyond the experience of experts - bucking the usual trend.

For more details, read the full BBC article.

Picture of EU Energy Rating Label or Refrigerators by Flappiefh reproduced in CCL.

Friday 19th December 2014

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