Thai Hospitals to make Healthy Energy Savings

MORE than 1,300 private and public hospitals across Thailand are expected to participate in a new energy-saving programme, according to the Thailand Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE).

Krairit Nilkuha, the department's director-general, said the Energy and the Public Health Ministries would offer advice to the hospitals on applying energy efficiency and savings programmes and technology.

He said that about 230 hospitals would be selected as pilot projects to be used as the model for expanding the programme to another 1,000 facilities.

"Their management and energy systems at present vary greatly depending on their scope of services, capacity and the number of inpatient beds," he said.

The DEDE expects the first group of hospitals taking part would require a total investment of 500 million baht ($15.5 million US) for overhauling buildings and installing energy-saving equipment.

Once the pilot hospitals have finish upgrading their systems, the total saving in power consumption is expected to be 326 million baht a year, with a reduction in carbon dioxide of 54,000 tonnes per year.

Of the first-stage participants, 133 are public hospitals and 97 private.

An Energy Ministry study found that nearly 60% of power use in hospitals is for air-conditioners, 22.5% for lighting and the rest for general purposes.

Mr Krairit said that soft loans and technical assistance would be provided by the DEDE if hospital operators require help.

Monday 12th April 2010

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