The Philippine's New Energy Efficiency Bill

PHILIPPINE’S Energy Undersecretary, Loreta G. Ayson, revealed that the government is pushing for the Energy Efficiency bill to be a major reform.

Ayson highlighted that one of the most effective ways to manage the country’s energy supply amid the current power problems it is facing is through energy efficiency.

“We see energy efficiency as the easiest and cheapest way to conserve energy as well as protect the environment, which has become a global concern not only from the government side but from the industries as well,” Ayson told a press conference in Cebu City.

As part of the Energy Reform Agenda, Ayson revealed that the Philippine’s DOE is continuously urging energy-intensive companies to take up energy-efficient technologies and good practice to substantially reduce energy consumption.

Ayson stated that the bill, which is being reviewed by the private sector and Congress, aims to produce clear incentives for the implementation of energy-efficiency programmes in their workplaces. It is also designed to penalise those that fail to improve energy efficiency.

Ayson added: “Incentives could include duty and tax free privileges for import and export companies, giving recognition to these companies as well as tax holidays.”

The bill will also define the role of energy service companies.
Ayson also explained that public awareness remains a challenge hence the launch of a new project called “Do Right, Be Bright”, with the aim of raising awareness amongst industry, commerce and others on the importance of energy efficiency, along with tips on how to improve energy efficiency.

The DOE continues to invite investors to set up power plants while looking for sources of alternative energy, she said, but supply remains a problem for many areas, again heightening the importance of energy efficiency.

“We are looking for many ways to address this and we see that imposing energy-efficiency is one key to effectively manage what we have now while we continue to grow economically,” Ayson concluded.

Gerry Constantino, Assistant Vice President of Operations for the European of Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, added that “green business is good business” because of the global call for sustainability, sustainable practices and products are more profitable.

Photo of Philippines Cebu City by eutrophication&hypoxia

Friday 29th July 2011

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