U.S. & China - Mutually Beneficial Cooperation on Energy

ON Tuesday the U.S. and China agreed to work together on energy efficiency and clean energy supplies.

As the world's largest producers and consumers of energy the United States and China, share common interests and responsibilities to ensure energy security and they face common challenges.

The United States and China pledged to uphold the principles of mutually beneficial cooperation, diversified development, and coordination to ensure energy security; recognize that energy security and clean energy go hand-in-hand; and agree to strengthen cooperation in the areas of stabilizing international energy markets, ensuring diversified energy supply, and a rational and efficient use of energy.

Rational and Highly Efficient Use of Energy

The United States and China recognise that energy conservation and increasing energy efficiency are essential to achieve sustainable development and can greatly contribute to solving the challenges of energy security, climate change and environmental protection.

The United States and China reaffirm the commitment of the Five Party Energy Ministers to enhance global energy security through the promotion of energy conservation and energy efficiency measures as well as development and deployment of environmentally sustainable energy technologies.

The United States and China plan to conduct cooperation on energy conservation and improving energy efficiency under the framework of the “Energy Efficiency Action Plan of the U.S.-China Ten-Year Framework on Energy and Environment Cooperation” and enhance dialogue, hold energy efficiency forums, strive to improve energy efficiency in areas of industry, construction and end-use products; and to promote cooperation in areas of auditing and benchmarking of industrial energy efficiency, construction specifications, signs and evaluation system, test and signs of end-use energy products, personnel training, demo projects, and promotion of trade and investment.

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Thursday 27th May 2010

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