UK & Ireland Aldi Stores to be Carbon Neutral by 2019

UK Discount food chain Aldi aims to achieve 'carbon neutral' status throughout their UK and Ireland stores by next year. The goal is in reach after the supermarket group have made investments in energy efficiency and other green technologies.

Aldi revealed it will look to reach its goal after a £20m investment to upgrade its fridges, freezers and other appliances with more energy efficient equipment. Since 2012 they have also installed 388 solar panel systems.

That investments and initiatives have enabled Aldi to reduce greenhouse gas emissions per square metre of sales floor by 53% since 2012.
To tip push them to their target of 'carbon neutral' status in 2019, they will buy some carbon credits, hence offset ing the remaining emissions.

Fritz Walleczek, Aldi's managing director of corporate responsibility stated: ”Becoming carbon neutral is a key part of our Corporate Responsibility commitments. We are continually reviewing our operations to reduce emissions and be kinder to the environment, while also future-proofing our growing store portfolio for many years to come."

Picture of Aldi in West Yorkshire, UK by Mtaylor848 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0.

Thursday 9th August 2018

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