UK Budget Squeeze - Energy Management Needed

THE UK’s new coalition government’s Chancellor George Osborne unveiled £29 billion worth of tax rises, pay freezes and cuts and warned more pain will follow later.

The pain is due to Britain’s huge deficit, currently around £900 billion, and with these difficult decisions being taken by government British commerce, industry and the public sector will be under increasing pressure to maintain profits, reduce budgets and costs.

It is expected that the average family within the UK will be up to £500 a year worse off through the various cuts and tax rises, this will impact on business and their profitability so cost cutting will be vital for businesses to survive and remain profitable.

Public sector spending is due for huge cuts, 25% government spending cuts is the target, meaning managing energy use will be a major cost saver for these organisations.

Using energy efficiently is one of the cheapest ways to reduce costs and managing it effectively, knowing what, where and when you are using your energy is vital to be able to get the best use out of an expensive resource.

The UK Government has declared that it wants to be the greenest government although there was little detail in yesterday’s budget on green issues. There was a reference to setting up a green bank as well as costs for carbon credits, the latter adding further to the potential cost for the public and private sectors.

It promises to be a tough time for UK businesses and organisations but action now to reduce costs will ward off the worse of the pain, reducing energy use is a prime target for these bodies to save money, jobs and their futures.

Energy saving businesses in the UK and worldwide can help organisations handle tough economic times by reducing costs on energy use, while maintaining services and production.

Picture by Ben Sutherland

Wednesday 23rd June 2010

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