UK councils make switch to energy-saving lighting

Local authorities in the West Midlands region of the UK are reducing their energy use by embracing new technology, it has emerged.

The Express & Star reports that councils in Wolverhampton and Dudley have opted to set a green example by replacing outmoded street lights with energy-saving alternatives.

In Wolverhampton, 10,000 street lights are being equipped with the new technology, which is expected to produce savings of approximately £45,000 a year.

Tim Clark, a spokesperson for Wolverhampton City Council, explained that the new system simply involves replacing the old-fashioned electromagnetic control gear of the street lights with a new electronic version.

"The quality of street lighting will remain exactly the same, but the advantage is that it will be cheaper to run, better for the environment and operate with fewer faults," he told the newspaper.

Meanwhile, the residents of Watton in Norfolk will use green technology to cast a festive glow around the town this winter.

The Wattan and Swaffham Times reported that the town's new Christmas lights use LED bulbs to reduce energy consumption.

Published by Warren Mills

Wednesday 21st October 2009

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