UK Needs to Prioritise Industrial Energy Efficiency

A NEW repot from the Energy Institute reveals that UK industrial energy efficiency and resource productivity must become a priority in the country’s industrial strategy.

Based of a survey of 1300 energy industry professionals the report indicates the importance of a solid long term, low carbon energy plan particularly for buildings and energy networks.

The surveyed engineers want to see a holistic approach to the needs of the commercial, industrial and public sectors; delivering red tons in emissions while improving energy security and resilience.

60% of those surveyed felt that the most important area for governmental attention was improving energy efficiency without comprising commercial competitiveness.

A strategy the report highlighted to reduce UK energy demand per capita by 2050 was to introduce an incentive scheme to reward proven energy savings

Chief Executive of the Energy Institute Louise Kingham, commented: “The message from the engineering community is clear. If the government’s Industrial Strategy is to make the most of the opportunities it should have greater energy efficiency and a system wide approach at its heart.

“And the policies adopted must be credible over the long term, to provide industry with the confidence needed to sustain investment and jobs in energy technologies and infrastructure.”

Apart from energy efficiency the report also flags up the importance of improving support for alternative energy solutions, in particular offshore wind, tidal power, carbon capture and storage solutions alongside small nuclear reactors.

Monday 24th April 2017

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