UK Students to See the LED Light

A UK student accommodation company has set a program of installing energy saving LED lighting into 120 properties at a cost of £21 million.

Unite Students house 41,000 students, meaning any energy savings in their properties can substantially reducing running costs and protect profits.

The company expects to see payback within five years and the resulting cost savings and service efficiencies will allow them to make service improvements, such as free cleaning and longer reception hours, at no additional cost, while improving the physical space for the tenants.

The LED lighting will be installed in corridors, kitchens, lounges, common rooms, and reception spaces, as well as outdoor areas. The upgrade will provide high quality lighting for staff and students to create a better working and living environment. The installation of dimmer switches and colour change lamps in every bedroom, will also allow students to personalise their lighting to suit study, relaxation or socialising.

Richard Smith, Managing Director for Unite Students, said: "The new lighting will create a more inviting space for students which they can personalize for socializing or study. At the same time it will reduce Unite’s carbon footprint and the longer lifecycle of LED lights will significantly reduce maintenance workloads for our city teams.”

Source: Unite Students.

Picture: Unite Students Central Point accommodation Plymouth.

Thursday 31st July 2014

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