United States Retailers Concerned about Energy Efficiency

NATIONAL retailers in the US are increasingly concerned about energy efficiency and are making efforts to promote cost-saving, sustainable business practices.

This was the findings of a survey conducted in the U.S. by an energy company and Chain Store Age, a leading industry trade publication, the survey was been carried out on nearly 200 retailers.

Key findings from the survey include:

• 63% of retailers reported that they have a formalised energy management and sustainability programs, with 45% indicating that sustainability is a “key component” of their overall business strategy
• 5% of retailers admitted their organisation doesn’t worry about energy management/sustainability and twice as many lack specific programs to address these issues
• 60% of retailers stated that saving money is their primary reason for pursuing sustainable business practices, while 8% were more concerned about enhancing their corporate image
• Common sustainability projects include installing energy efficient lighting, conducting onsite energy audits, and implementing energy management systems

“This year’s survey clearly shows that more retailers are focused on energy management, and that they’re working harder to achieve their sustainability goals, but they’re less certain about their achievements,” stated one of the surveys backers.

“Last year, over 45% of retailers thought their sustainability efforts made them industry leaders. In 2010, less than 25% think so. There seems to be a better understanding of what it takes to truly lead the industry.”


Friday 18th June 2010

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