Upgrading Motor Controls Saves Energy

A UK company, Cirteq, have saved £11,000 annually on energy costs by installing energy efficient technology on motors in one machine.

Cirteq make circlips for the automotive, aerospace and general engineering industries, with one of the first processes being to shape and draw the raw metal wire using a machine that includes three electrical motors.

The upgrading of these motors by installing variable-speed drives (VSD), on this single machine, has reduced Cirteq’s energy costs from 3.36p per hour to 1.47p an hour.

VSDs regulate the speed and torque output of an electric motor, reducing the high constant energy demand from the motor, drawing what it needs when under load.

Bob Holinski, Cirteq’s plant manager was delighted as the upgrade to modern motor controls had also cut the production stoppages they were experiencing with the previous system.

Picture of Cirteq's unit in Cross Hill by Immanuel Giel (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Monday 5th August 2013

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