US Energy Efficiency Scheme Delivers $840M in Savings

A U.S. Government scheme to promote energy efficiency has saved $840 million since its inception in 2011, and is know being expanded.

As part of the Government’s effort to advance energy efficiency and combat the harmful effects of climate change, Better Buildings Challenge partners cut energy waste by 94 TBTUs since U.S. President Obama first launched the challenge in 2011.

The energy savings not only saved partners a total of $840 million in energy costs it also avoided 6 million tons of harmful carbon emissions, equivalent to cutting the emissions of 1 million cars.

To continue this progress, the U.S. Energy Department is looking to expand the scheme - Senior Advisor to the President Brian Deese today called on existing partners to recruit one new partner to join the program and set a goal of reducing energy use across their respective building portfolios by at least 20% in the next 10 years, effectively doubling down on Better Buildings.

“As the Better Buildings Initiative enters its fourth year, leaders continue to showcase how saving energy saves money, creates jobs, and most importantly accelerates the nation’s competitiveness in the clean energy economy while preserving our environment for generations to come,” said U,S, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.

The Better Buildings Challenge now has more than 250 partners representing 3.5 billion square feet, 650 manufacturing plants, 50 cities and states, and $5.5 billion in financing investments.

Picture of "Net Zero Court" by HOK. reproduced under CCL.

Monday 1st June 2015

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