Welsh SMEs Save with Energy Efficiency

CARBON Trust Wales has announced the launch of an energy saving scheme for organisations in Wales with an annual energy spend of under £30,000.

The new scheme will allow small businesses in Wales to receive all the benefits of an energy survey whilst also learning from each other by being grouped together with other organisations in their geographical area or sector.

Cardiff-based unified communications specialist, theWord, was chosen to take part in a pilot scheme, which proved that small enterprises stand to make significant savings. After working with Carbon Trust Wales, the business successfully reduced its energy bills by 10%.

Although theWord already had a fairly low energy spend, it was able to make these savings through effective monitoring and targeting techniques.

The business began to manage its energy consumption more closely. It also found that it was able to concentrate working hours for its staff to shorten the day by half an hour and reduce the air conditioning running time.

An energy management policy was drawn up and made available to all staff via a shared drive. The majority of bright halogen spot lights were replaced with low energy lighting and a staff awareness program was implemented.

David Moore, Carbon Trust Wales account manager, said: “Smaller businesses often think that there is very little they can do about their energy bills, either because they pay by direct debit so see them as a fixed cost, or because they think their energy spend is too low for carbon saving measures to make an impact.”

“theWord has proved that this isn’t the case, and is leading the way as an SME taking responsible action for its own carbon footprint.”

Nick Williams, head of service delivery for theWord, said: “We were recently presented with The Royal Mint’s Contractor and Service Provider of the Year award for 2012, which we are sure is due in part to the commitment to being a responsible business that we demonstrated through our work with Carbon Trust Wales. Undertaking a Carbon Survey and implementing the recommendations proved that we’re a credible organisation that is committed to sustainable growth and is here for the long term. We’ve seen a real difference to our energy bill.”

Picture of Swansea and Swansea Bay by Wiccasha (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Friday 16th August 2013

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