World Climate Summit Focuses on Energy Efficiency

YESTERDAY was the first of the two day World Climate Summit in Warsaw, Poland, and the focus was very much on energy efficiency and energy saving targets.

The final discussion of the day was themed: ’Innovative approaches to energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources', raising a lot of interest. During this section, China, energy efficiency and targets were continually raised.

Implementing achievable, clear energy efficiency targets was very much a concern throughout the whole first day, with the benefits of setting and aiming for the right goals highlighted by many speakers.

In the final session, China was sited as the right example of the effectiveness of targets, as they have impressively improved its energy-efficiency actions due to setting clear targets.

Although Veerle Vandeweerd of UNDP warned: "I think we should stop dreaming," claiming setting targets and then wasting years negotiating time limits is an endless, harmful activity. Instead she called for more action and education. The world needs to understand the danger of inefficient fossil fuel use and businesses need to look to the future and not just short term profits.

Others may also criticize this sort of event - again calling for action rather than talk - but if actions come from these events then action should be the result.

The second day, today, will no doubt again provide warnings and calls for action on energy efficiency and saving plus reduction of greenhouse gases.

Picture of Warsaw by BurgererSF (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Source: itproportal

Monday 18th November 2013

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