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Wednesday 13th September 2017

The ACEEE (American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy) is holding some interesting workshops next week on technology that help to consume energy efficiently - in the home and particularly businesses.

The workshops are US centric, but the information and the technology will help improve energy saving anywhere it can be accessed.

To explain what the workshops will cover Wendy Koch, ACEEE’a senior Director of Marketing & Communications, states in her blog:

“We’re exploring how smart devices, sensors, real-time data, and data analytics can help save energy—something ACEEE has dubbed “intelligent efficiency.” These tools can put fewer demands on US energy production and make better use of the nation’s power grid, power plants, utilities, roads, buildings, and other infrastructure.

“Consider, for example, smart meters, learning thermostats such as Nest, or connected appliances such as Wi-Fi-enabled refrigerators. New software enables smoother integration of these devices so they can automatically adjust to changes in temperature, power prices, or energy demand.”

There are three workshops, each focussing on a different aspect of energy efficiency technology. To quote Wendy’s blog:

The “Understanding People” workshop will focus on customer behaviour and engagement. It will look at how better data and new tracking tools give businesses a clearer view of the energy-efficient products or services their customers will use.

The “Yes, You Can!” workshop, business leaders will discuss the latest data analytic techniques for mining information from smart devices, as well as ways to target, track, and measure energy use.

The “Smart Logistics” workshop will explore how the latest energy-saving tech tools can reduce emissions, in a time of rising freight volumes and demand, for quicker delivery. An MIT expert will discuss how companies can reduce emissions through high-resolution, fuel-based routing.

The half-day workshops are being held in Santa Clara, so if you are nearby you will truly benefit - but for most of us, we are on the other side of the world! But it will be interesting to hear any feedback or any reports the ACEEE provide on the events.

Picture of the Santa Clara Conference Centre by Coolcaesar reproduced under CCL CC BY-SA 3.0.

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Wednesday 13th September 2017

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