Energy Saving - Women's Work

Wednesday 18th January 2017

In our posts we have to admit we automatically angle thoughts, opinions and news from the developed world, occasionally picking on some item of interest from the aforementioned countries. Hence the account below would not sit well in the PC driven westernised world.

It is a regular story of how to save energy from Ghana, which is a pretty well developed African nation - but, the suggestion here is that home energy saving is woman’s work. This is according to a woman, the Upper East Region Area Manager for the Volta River Authority’s Northern Electricity Distribution Company’s Area Manager for the Upper East region, Lucy Perbi-Nyarko. Apart from having an exceedingly lengthy title, as a woman she has also succeeded in attaining a position of some responsibility. But she admits as a woman, that they seem to be left to run everything, the family and household, no modern man here, it’s all on the women.

While speaking at a public energy conservation forum Perbi-Nyarko said, "As a woman, mostly we use electricity. And you should be the last person to sleep so that you put off all the gadgets and the lights that you don’t need during the night. And, then, you are supposed to be the first person also to wake up to put off all the security lights and put on what you need for the day.

"You know men- mostly they don’t stay in the house. By the time he comes home, he’s already tired. He eats and then sleeps. But you the woman and the kids- you are always in the house. So, you have to practise it and try to educate the man and help the man also to practise the same concept.”

What Perbi-Nyarko states is a truism, and I suspect similar situations also apply in many homes in the developed world. Women again can have the biggest impact on household energy use and saving.

So it may seem non PC to western eyes - but what Perbi-Nyarko states may apply in your home. Hence, women make sure do your part in reducing household utility bills by reducing energy consumption - switch off those gadgets.


Wednesday 18th January 2017

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