UK Energy From Iceland?

Wednesday 6th April 2016

Some part of the world have an over abundance of free renewable energy. Obviously we may consider desert areas with loads of sunshine and sea facing coasts with plenty of high winds. But how about those with ample hydro power and geothermal power - such as Iceland.

Plus Iceland only has a population of 329,000 - so they certainly have an excess. It makes sense that they can share what they have, at a cost of course. Hence there are those developing a way to share all that energy.

The Ice Link interconnector would be a link from Iceland to the UK, supplying cheap and carbon free electricity from hydro and geothermal sources.

In a report by the BBC it is claimed that the Ice Link “could provide the equivalent power of a medium sized power plant through a copper cable laid under the sea between the two countries.”

It is also reckoned that the power would be reliable and available when other renewable sources such as wind and solar are not.

The cost of the connecting cable is high, but supporters of the scheme claim it will soon pay for itself in supplied energy, while providing energy security the land of ice and fire if they every need energy to fed back the other way!

Others object - they fear the demand for Icelandic energy could lead to over development of Iceland natural interior, robbing it of its natural beauty.

The discussion will proceed - will Iceland and the UK get connected? Time will tell.

Picture of Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Station by Gretar Ívuarsson reproduced under CCL.

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Wednesday 6th April 2016

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