Indian State Combats Energy Shortage with Efficiency Workshop

INDIAN State Maharashtra faces severe power shortage, hence the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA) is today holding an interactive workshop on 'Energy conservation, renewable energy and energy audits'.

The workshop is bringing together the private sector with the government on a single platform so they can learn about the policies and schemes on energy conservation and efficiency, while encouraging innovative ideas for increasing energy efficiency.

The amount of wasted of energy at all levels of production and operations is being discussed along with how to implement better energy management policies.

With energy conservation being the cheapest, easiest and cleanest way of bridging the gap between demand and supply, any proposed energy conservation projects will require only one fifth of investment against the installation of a new power project.

Representatives of the state government, Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA) and the MCCIA are participating in the workshop.

Photo by Mark Hillary

Monday 21st June 2010

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